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Slipknot interview


Slipknot 13/12/1999 UK

The sickness that is Slipknot has reached out its malingering tentacles and grasped Britain, nine men from the I hate myself and want to die generation wired and paranoid in a PCP style visual nightmare, a monstrous antagonistic, chronic psychopathic, macho entity bringing the...
Type O Negative interview
Type O Negative 01/12/1999 UK
Hey you're wearing a Foetus shirt, you like his stuff, I've worked with him, there was this person called Kat from Babes in Toyland who was associated with Tim Carr and they were doing a soundtrack for the comic book Witchblade and they asked me to write a couple of songs and to sing...
The Offspring interview

Offspring 27/08/1999 UK

How's the tour been?
Cool - Lit and the Dickies were on tour with us and I've been a huge Dickies fan...
Godsmack interview
© flipchip •

Godsmack 03/2003 UK

How are you gentlemen?
Shannon- Very well, we're good. U+R- We've got Sully over there and we've...
Less Than Jake interview
© flbendus
Less Than Jake 27/08/1999 UK
Are we somewhere they speak fucking English yet? Thank God, we've been touring everywhere, Slovenia, Germany, Holland every date so far in the...
Keith Caputo interview
© fDrad 11

Keith Caputo 28/3/2000 UK

"I'm so tired .... I'm doing these gigs with Travis in Germany, I get offstage at midnight back to the hotel at about 4 am and ding - alarm bell at...
Type O Negative interview
© melle
Type O Negative 30/05/1998 UK
The new album is awesome but spectacularly un club/radio friendly I thought was that intended? You're one of the few people ...
Incubus interview
© Jon Iraundegui (aterpeirun)

Incubus 19/10/1999 UK

How long have you been in bands?We've all been a band since we were 15 years old, it's all our our first band. We got together when we were...
Incubus interview
© remin.noir

Incubus 02/04/2000 UK

So you're the new guy.... Well almost new, almost two and a half years old now, the band has been together for nine years now and...
Backyard Babies interview
© Charlie Cravero

Backyard Babies 20/06/1999 UK

You're here again, the hardest working rock'n'roll band around! N- Yeah it sure feels that way We did 160...
Cypress Hill interview
© Philgarlic
Cypress Hill 22/03/2000 UK
So what inspired you to turn back to the rock side again on your new album? B Real- I think it was a natural progression it wasn't...
Silverchair interview
© Jeanie Mackinder

Silverchair 29/04/1999 UK

New album out, you've been doing gigs and press across Europe, tired yet? No this year has been OK so far. We had most of '98 off because...
Rage Against The Machine interview
© Penner

Rage Against The Machine 14/12/1999 UK

At the gig Monday did it feel weird playing old material again? We've done a number of benefits and an Asian tour...
My Ruin interview
© Danny Crombie

My Ruin 27/08/1999 UK

So why did you form another band was there not a temptation to be Tarrie B solo artist? No, I never really thought like that. I look at...

Crazy Town 07/12/1999 UK

Does everyone call you that or do you have real names?
S- We have real names, Epics real name is Brett.
You don't look very...
System of a Down interview
© Joey O'Rourke

System of a Down 22/12/1999 UK

So how come no new material for so long? S- For so long???'s because we haven't been given any time...
Stormtroopers of Death interview

Stormtroopers of Death 04/07/1999 UK

So you're doing a one day tour in the UK? We've been touring Europe for a couple of weeks and tonight happens...
Scuzz TV interview

"Mullet man" on Scuzz tv 2003 UK

What does your tattoo say? VOID. My ex-girlfriend, I wont mention her name, Tracey, left me for a roadie from Poison...
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