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CLUB X ARCHIVE ~ Astoria 2 (LA2) 1995-2003


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Club X began as London's only indie all-nighter with a 6am license. The indie music night pioneered fusing electro into the indie mix and beat-matching records in a dance club style. The story begins in 1995 with some one off indie all-nighters at Bagley's Warehouse. The team then moved to the Astoria 1 to run the indie all-nighters on Saturday nights.
After much discussion they came up with the name Club X because X marks the spot. It was also the name of the nearby sex shop which was next to the much-loved second-hand record store, Cheapo Cheapo, which made us all laugh.

It became the second longest-running indie night ever after the legendary Feet First at Camden Palace.


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Zoe Urchin was a resident DJ, playing the main dancefloor at peak times. At Club X, Brit Pop morphed with dance, the Chemical Brothers; The Charlatans, Groove Armada, Primal Scream and Leftfield met with Oasis, Placebo, Pixies, KRS1, Cardigans, Nerd, Bluetones, Wu Tang and Fat boy Slim.

It wasn't just about music. It was the vibe. Drapes, sweets -- the club gave away lollipops on entry and free ice pops at 3am when the crowd was hot and sweaty -- a gyroscope, projections and extra lights. Club X uniquely matched the high-quality entertainment production standards of dance events at the time.s
Everybody came down: Regulars: Oasis, Blur, Suede, Manic Street Preachers, Elastica, Pulp, Sleeper, Menswer, My Life Story and the Brit Pop crew. Notable one-off visitors included Michael Hutchence, Kylie and Robbie Williams. The club later moved downstairs to the LA2, making space for GAY to take the top floor. A few years later Club X shifted to the Friday nights as Carwashs 70's night gathered momentum taking the Saturday slot. Although the bar shut for alcohol at 3am the music meant most Club X regulars danced till dawn, when London's underground network woke to whisk them home. Take a look at the flyer section for the original club line-up, including Erol Alkan who was with Club X for many years before he begun to prioritize his energies on his own "Trash" club night.

Throughout its history there were always at least six DJs working in rotation. They tried to keep the main floor fresh with new indie and alternative rock, while the top bars played retro and rock! Dancing Dan (Top well-kept secret: it was him dancing in the Toploader video!), Erol and Zoe Urchin were around the corner at Metro on Wednesday nights, DJiing Indie Pounder, also winning widespread acclaim for its genre twisting mix and mash.


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